Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet!

My name’s Tara and I’m an artist and maker based in Bedfordshire, going by the aliases Cake for Corvids and Jackdaw Felts.

I’m a bird nerd and a natural history buff, who believe it or not, worked as a zoo keeper for several years specializing in birds- everything from corvids, birds of prey to parrots… Birds play a huge role in Cake for Corvids and Jackdaw Felts (can you tell?) The name Cake for Corvids was drawn from a box marked 'cake for corvids' which held left over cake crumbs to treat a pair of ravens and pied crows that I used to care for!

​​Cake for Corvids had humble beginnings in 2016; starting out as a hobby in the late evenings in front of the telly after a busy day on the zoo, to growing into a busy little full time business working from my home studio (I have a desk now and everything!) alongside my quaker parrot, Aqua.


I was declared 'Gifted and Talented' (how fancy) in Textiles throughout school and college and have a Double Distinction in Art and Design. So it's safe to say I've been a creative with fibre and fabric -and everything in between- my entire life. I started needle felting professionally in 2019 and every piece I make is crafted with a lot of love and care.

So go forth and explore my little website! Boy, it's much easier running one website than three at once!

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